Software Engineers Marketing Organization markets permanents and
contractors to smaller and medium sized companies at very reduced fees
and markups.
> The Fee for permanents is only 7.5% of starting salary. I only work
with contingencies and no retainer fees.
> Our market is those companies that don't want to pay fees but who are
looking for very specific skillsets that may be difficult to find. I
charge a much lower fee because my overhead is very low. I  specialize
in embedded software, kernel, RF and RFID, medical device, dsp, linux,
and windows people usually for companies that manufacture these devices
or companies that do turnkey projects in these areas.   I also work with
FPGA and other hardware applicants, mechanical engineers, and QA people
in these areas.
> I have had this company for over 20 years.
>  I also market contractors in these area and our markup is only  $5
an hour.  The contractor is either his/her own contractor (usually) or a
1099 to the client.
> The contractor bills the company and pays me the $5 an hour when
he/she gets paid. This is advantageous to the contractor (keeps most of
the billing dollars) and also to the company. If the latter wants to pay
$75 an hour, for example, the typical agency would pay the contractor
only $40-45 an hour so it could make its markup. This would eliminate
contractors looking for more money whereas I could find more experienced
people for the $75 or for less expensive contractors. I also work with
senior contractors who may be too high priced for typical agencies but
within the dollars that companies are willing to pay.
> Bob Kahn
> Software Engineers Marketing Organization
> 781-593-9314